Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Forgetfulness + hormones + puppy = disaster

Last night Chewy ran off on me. I was chatting away to the neighbor as he sat out the front waiting for me to take him to the park. I had forgotten to put the leash on him and he must have just thought, "Bugger you Mum, I can get there myself!"

He ran off so quickly I was in shock, as he never runs away from the front of the house. I left my keys on the letterbox and bolted after him. It didn't even occur to me that running at my size was not a good idea. I ran like I'd been running at the gym for months. Never mind the fact I am about 7kgs heavier or that my boobs are double the size of my head and that maternity bras have about as much support as a couple of freezer bags. Not to mention that fact it's probably not great for my baby to feel like she is in a washing machine or for my heart rate to skyrocket!

I can only imagine how this looked from an outsiders point of view. Humongous and clearly demented pregnant woman seen running after puppy whilst crying and calling out to him with the promise of treats. Hmmmm... lucky for me (but not for him) a young man saw me running down the street trying to bribe Chewy back into my control and failing dismally. After Chewy bolted across the road this guy called him over and Chewy ran up to him with glee and licked his face.

It was all too much for my highly charged hormones. I gratefully thanked the guy and my neighbour who had also turned up in his car to help me. I marched Chewy home in a huff telling him how angry and disappointed I was in him. I then shut him behind his puppy gate, sat in the loungeroom and cried and ate chocolate for 30 minutes while I composed myself.

Those good old hormones strike again...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bouncing belly aerobics

I am now about 25-26 weeks, depending on which due date I feel like going by. So our baby is about 22cm from head to bum. And while my belly is getting quite massive I am still amazed that our baby is curled up in there and still growing fast!

The frequency and power of her kicks are increasing by the day. We are now starting to see my belly bounce after a good hard boot, usually while I am relaxing on the couch or trying to sleep. I think I will soon be able to rest Chewy's ball on my tummy and have bub kick it to him all by herself. Well it saves me having to exert any energy right?

Brett keeps saying, when can we do the Malteasers add? You know the one where the pregnant chick puts a Malteaser on her belly and when the baby kicks it bounces up into the air. Well I think that time is upon us hunny! So you better get a super size packet Burnsy, because you know how our little bub LOVES chocolate.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cankles anyone?

With pregnancy comes all sorts of weird and wonderful side effects. From the most acute sense of smell and random cravings to a hairy belly and uncomfortable indigestion. But my least favourite is the propensity for my ankles to swell into cankles on hot days and when I spend too much time on my feet!

Last night we frocked up to go to Brett's work Christmas party. It was a black tie affair in a swish function centre overlooking Darling Harbour. So after the angst of finding something to wear (thanks Em) I spent an hour or so dolling myself up, threw on Em's 'save the day' frock and managed to squeeze my feet into a pair of hot peep toe pumps. Quite a mean feat (get it???) after a long day at work!

However my feet are just not used to big heels at this stage of my pregnancy, I pretty much live in ballet slipper, open toe sandals and flip flops. So after an hour or so my feet started to swell and spill over the sides of my shoes. How very attractive! Luckily it was a formal sit down affair and the only time I had to show my feet was on the 20 or so occasions throughout the dinner that I had to get up to go to the bathroom.

You would think this warrants a foot massage or rub from Brett, but he somehow always manages to get out of it!! Wish me luck, I am about to go ask for one now!!