Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mamma's review of The Fat Paddler

I have just finished reading The Fat Paddler and am feeling inspired to tackle life's challenges head on!

Whether you are into paddling or not, you will relate to The Fat Paddler's story. As a Mum I understand how it feels to know that you would do anything for the sake of your children. And Sean's commitment to turning his life around, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles is truly inspirational, heartfelt and honest.

As memoirs go, The Fat Paddler is an easy read. It's funny, conversational, reflective and brutally honest. Yet it was also a hard read for me. Knowing Sean well and knowing the incredible hurdles he has overcome I appreciate even more what a tough journey he has had and all with a constant smile on his chubby face.

My favourite quote, "...moments like these mean the most. Moments of true unadulterated beauty. Moments where you find yourself. Moments of Peace." Yes this is what confronting life's challenges and committing to living are all about. Thanks for sharing big guy x

Now mind you, reading Sean's inspiring tale was not without some of my own (first world) challenges... The rugby noise emitting from the TV was annoying; I was interrupted a number of times by a distraught, teething toddler; then after a glass or 2 of wine my bladder decided I should get up every 20 minutes! However I finally managed some rare quiet time this afternoon while both babies (Burnsie too) slept.

So if you are familiar with first world problems like mine or have truly been up against it like Sean, I can highly recommend The Fat Paddler. You can pre-order a copy online or follow Sean's adventures at

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  1. Hello Naomi !!
    Great review !! You're making me wish I already had my copy. I ordered it for it's release of the 1st - cant wait to get it and start reading. Appreciate the insight :)