Friday, April 9, 2010

Time waster

Now that I am a Mum I can't imagine not having Ava in our lives. She is gorgeous and she is wondrous and puzzling and she has a set of lungs that would rival Pavarotti!!

It's true, babies are real time wasters. You can look into their eyes as they look at you quizzically or watch them sleep for hours (when they actually sleep!!) and then wonder where your day has gone.

I am lucky with Ava that on most days I can get a few things done around the house when she sleeps. Like the 3 loads of washing I now seem to have EVERY day & I even manage to get a shower & lunch each day although they need to be carefully planned and speedily executed!

However no longer do I have time to just randomly surf the net or update this blog as regularly as I would like to! But that's ok because I love every precious second I have with my baby girl.