Sunday, August 28, 2011

Note to self

It is incredibly unwise to give a pen to a toddler in exchange for 2 minutes on the computer. In my defence, it had a lid on when I gave it to her, and it seemed like an easy distraction.

I only had one quick email to send, and I couldn't even tell you who it was for, what it was about or why it seemed so important at the time...

I simply and quite selfishly wanted the keyboard all to myself so I could send a message, not have lines of garble bashed out on the keyboard.

Hence my darling daughter repaid the favour with a lovely scrawl on our antique white kitchen wall. Luckily she did it so hard you can barley see the blue ink, but the indent into the paint should last a while!!

I think we have a little artist in our midst! Does anyone else have their very own personalised wall art?