Saturday, October 27, 2012

This is very true

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mummy's bottomless bag

I used to watch my Nana fuss over her bag. She never let it out of her sight and was always checking the contents remained safe. She would often tell us, hold onto your bag Naomi and Jade!!! My Mum is also often spotted fishing around in her bag, but for different reasons. She carries way too much stuff in it, so is always looking for her keys, phone, tissue or whatever it may be that she needs.

I find myself carrying on the bag obsession for this generation. Like my Nana I am always checking my bag is near by, and like my mother I'm forever looking for something within. Keys, phone, train ticket, mints, tissue....whatever I need you can guarantee it has a place but I will take two minutes to find it.

Today I thought I was super organised. Ava sneezed on the train, my instinct is to swiftly remove said booger. I spotted a tissue in my side pocked, grabbed it and removed said booger. Brilliant piece of parenting, effortless.

However the blush from the gentleman opposite me and the strange feeling of plastic wrapper alerted me to a slight error. I'd wiped Ava's nose with a sanitary pad that had been in my bag for so long, it had come out of it's wrapper.  Ooops.

I was surprisingly far less mortified than I should have been, dived back into my bag for a minute or so and found an actual tissue for Ava to blow her nose on. Crisis averted!

Luckily Ava is too young to be mortified that I wiped her nose with absorbent wings. And they are just as effective for snot removal as they are for capturing suspicious blue liquid and making you want to dance on the beach.