Saturday, March 20, 2010

No longer am I a Mamma to be, I am a Mamma!!!

Welcoming Ava Mae Leanne Burns to this big wide world! Born Friday 12 March at 5.31pm, weighing a tiny 2.76kgs and measuring 47.5 cm long.

The last 10 days are a bit of a blur, but I stare into the face of our beautiful little girl and know I am the luckiest person in the whole world. It's all very surreal and amazing and I still can't really comprehend the fact that I am now a Mum.

It was Wednesday night at my now weekly OB appointment when Dr Morris announced, you are having this baby on Friday.... We had been given a heads the week before that we might go earlier than 26th March however the reality of having a baby hit us like a tonne of bricks. We kinda freaked out.

Ava was born early at 37 weeks as she had moved from breech to transverse position (head up to sideways) and the cord had dropped underneath her and was sitting above the cervix. This would have been incredibly dangerous for Ava had my waters broken, so there was no question about going a bit early, even if it meant Brett was going to miss the first rugby game of the season...

Instead of getting facials and taking afternoon nana naps like I had planned after finishing work, the next few days were spent manically preparing last minute bits and bobs and registering for the operation and hospital stay. Luckily my amazing Mum came up on Thursday morning to help me while Brett finished up everything at work.

Leaving the house on Friday was so exciting and strange knowing than in just a few hours we'd be parents. And we were in for quite an adventure!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Counting down the days

Eeek! As the big day looms oh so close and the reality and enormity of it all sets in, it's finally starting to sink in just how much our cosy little life together is about to change forever.

We have an idea of what's to come! Love, adoration, sleep deprivation, stinky nappies, endless piles of washing and the fact that we will embark on the biggest learning curve for the next 18+ years.

But I still cannot comprehend just how enormously this precious little miracle, that currently feels like an alien in my belly, will changes us both so profoundly as people and change our dynamic. Well I guess we are about to find out!!

Can't wait to meet our little peanut and introduce her to this big wide world. It's exciting, scary and there will be so much for us all to learn from her.

Now I wonder if she'll grow up to love Gaytimes, cup cakes and peanut butter & jam on toast as much as I do right now!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


On top of baking, ironing, washing baby clothes and obsessive dusting I have rearranged the nursery again. Well actually Brett did all the work and I stood in the corner and told him where to move the furniture.

The nursery looks great and has everything our little girl will need and so much more!! She is one lucky girl who has been lavished with love and gifts already!! She has a clothes selection that leaves mine for dead, gorgeous bling shoes from her Aunty Vetty & Aunty Em, loads of toys, the hottest new pram from her Grandma and she even has floaties and her first little handbag courtesy of her adoring Nanny.

Brett is also sanding back and painting the rocking chair for the nursery and has spent the weekend finishing off the back garden. Not to mention the other household chores I have had him doing now that I am way too massive to mop and to clean awkward places like the bathroom.

So today he has gone to work for a rest while I finish up my last day of working from home and tackle the next few tasks - repacking my hospital bag and moving and sorting out the tupperware cupboard.