Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting crafty for Christmas

It's that time of year again, can you believe it??? I cant... i still have shopping to do, gifts to wrap, goodies to bake and then there's the cards I misplaced halfway through writing them. Sorry to all our friends who normally get a card, didn't quite get it together to buy more cards. Sheesh, hand me a wine please!!!

Despite the chaos, for us Christmas means spending time with close family and friends, eating delicious food and enjoying Ava as she discovers Santa and all the elements of the season. Well ummmmm mainly the the presents. We may not be religious, but I do want to instill in her the meaning of Christmas beyond the advertising assault of the season!

It's also a time of baking for the Burnsies! Burnsy has been hard at it, whipping up a batch of shortbread for the teachers at day care.

Home baked goods make the perfect DIY gift. Ava helped out (licking the bowl counts in my books), they are low cost and you can up cycle everyday household items to put them in.

We used an old coffee jar, ribbon, a few stickers and a card from last Christmas. These yummy treats are not gluten free, so I've had to give them a miss this year. But this weekend I'll be testing out a new GF recipe, watch this space!!