Thursday, November 26, 2009

22 weeks

We saw our little girl today. Although she didn't stay very still, so there was not much to see except legs kicking and arms waving. But the important thing is she is very healthy and doing everything she should be.

Been a bit lazy lately. Not much writing as too busy eating. I try to keep it healthy with lots of fruit, salads, rye bread, nuts etc. But then there's the chocolates, mince pies, chips etc that come my way and last only a matter of seconds. The OB says my weight gain is average but I am not sure if he realises just how much food I am putting away! Thank goodness for Chewy, if he didn't need to be walked every day I'd probably be too busy eating to exercise!

Gotta run, it's late! Now pass me another mince pie please Brett....nom nom nom

Friday, November 20, 2009

The cat's out of the bag! It's a ......

After what has felt like a very long, long wait our little baby peanut finally got past all the shyness and modesty. Bubby has decided to stop hiding behind the umbilical cord and finally reveal the true identity at the 20 week scan last week. Yay!!

We now know we are having a little girl!! She is healthy, has everything in tact and is just the right size. I have been feeling lots of movement so we know she is an active little girl, unlike her father who at times prefers to laze on the couch with minimal movement for hours on end!

We are thrilled and have both felt all along that we were having a girl. I had not bought anything as I would always lean towards pretty dresses, so I went out this week and bought a cute little white onsie and a pink 'I love Daddy" bib to celebrate. Lucky for our credit card I was too tired to really hit the shops!

Like my Mum says, there is just something special about little girls.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Pregnancy can certainly be one big roller coaster ride! From amazing highs where I am overwhelmed with happiness to sudden and unexplained floods of tears, not to mention the extreme shits at nothing in particular.

Last week was Halloween and the goths were out in force, celebrating and getting into the spirit of things! Driving down Enmore Road I spotted 2 beautiful horses and a medieval carriage. I squealed with excitement to Brett, "OMG look at those stunning horses, hunny I wish I had a horse". I just love horses, they are so majestic and they remind me of being a carefree teenager. Seeing them amongst the craziness of Newtown on a Saturday afternoon really made my day.

Then suddenly I burst into uncontrollable tears. I blubbered for a minute while my clueless husband tried to ascertain what the hell was wrong with me. A moment after seeing the horses I realised the cart was carrying a coffin. "OMG someone died" I wailed. Then, "and I have hormones I can't control". I think at that point Brett was ready to drive the car onto the railway line or get in the coffin himself...

Brett tried to explain it was Halloween and that it was all part of the festival but the hormones had taken hold. And the worst thing was I could see how irrational these emotions were, but I was powerless to control it. Seriously, there is nothing worse than crying uncontrollably and laughing at your idiocy at exactly the same time. It just results in hiccups and almost weeing your pants.

Today has been totally different again, I have had the shits at everyone and everything all day. I snapped at my staff, a colleague, an account manager, the IT dude, my boss, my dog and finished off my day by snapping my husband. I also left a very curt note on the windscreen of a car that blocked our driveway. I have no reason to be angry, because I have everything I ever wanted and more! Fortunately the anger is rare, if only the tears were as rare.

Time for a relaxing hot shower and a cup of chamomile tea. But not before I have another rant and leave an additional note for the idiot who is still blocking our driveway!!! Grrrrr!