Sunday, December 1, 2013

15 reasons my toddler cried today

Some days parenting a toddler is really hard. There's some things that simply can't be explained or accurately described in those books you read when you are pregnant and blissfully unaware of what you are getting yourself into. 

Nothing seems to go right and you find yourself at loggerheads with a 3 year old who appears to have taken on the personality of Napoleon. Barking orders, screaming when things don't go her way and pushing buttons that I never knew I had. Tears are inevitable and sometimes Ava cries too...

Today was one of those days. It actually started quite early this morning as I left the house to do the first yoga class I've done in 3 years. I thought I'd start my Sunday all zen like. Umm, nice try.

I guess the combination of being 3, fiercely independent, extremely smart and really knowing exactly what she wants at all times can get a bit much sometimes. Today was one of those days, where I just couldn't get it right for my little girl.  

So here's just some of the reasons Ava cried today.
  1. I'm thirsty
  2. I don't want water
  3. Daddy cut my apple into triangles, I want it round 
  4. The blender is too noisy
  5. The hand dryer is too noisy
  6. I fell over, it was Daddy's fault
  7. I don't want chicken soup
  8. I want to butter my own toast
  9. I want Mummy to butter my toast
  10. I don't want toast
  11. I don't want dinner
  12. I'm dirty
  13. I don't want a shower
  14. I want my special shower cap
  15. I'm hungry, I want my dinner
Thanks goodness today is nearly over. Ava is finally asleep and as exhausted as I feel, I'm actually looking forward to her calling out to me at 4am for a snuggle in Mamma's bed. All the meltdowns, rages, defiance and endless negotiation is forgotten as I carry her warm and cuddly little body into our bed for a few hours of precious snuggles.

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